About Me-My Toastmasters Ice Breaker speech

I at my first African Made, African Inspired photoshoot

Hi guys, welcome to my blog. I am super excited to be meeting you virtually through this page so welcome My name is Lillian Elenwoke, I am the last of 7 children, born in Lagos Nigeria to a Comrade and a Lady ☺️.

Summarized below is my recent Toastmasters Icebreaker speech!

I have always been ensnared and fascinated by purpose even growing up when I wasn’t fully aware of
what that word means, thinking back I remember walking around cocky and a little arrogant, I could
have sworn I was an angel that touched the lives of everyone I met especially the boys. It didn’t help
that I was a popular kid that was involved in fun and leadership activities. I was a STAR and I felt it that
must have been my purpose.

Somehow my purpose became incomplete because I needed to see the world outside of my
imagination, moving to America and getting a bite out of the “Big Apple” was my only stumbling block.
So I moved from Lagos, Nigeria where I was born to NYC “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”
like they all call it and quickly, I went from being that “star child” to this timid young lady who lost her
voice and her confidence to express herself. Maybe it was the change in culture or the intimidation I felt,
or the bullying. All of that made me anxious, lost and eager.
I had all this mixed emotions but I didn’t let all that stop me from achieving a few things over the years. I
had to keep moving right?

I started MBisAfrican after I realized the gaps in sustainable packaging solutions especially when it came to African goods. Also with a background as a Gifting consultant, it all made sense so I decided to focus on helping SMEs mostly out of Africa with packaging solutions for their brand, more of that when my site launches, coming soon :).

Finally I feel like the stars have aligned for me. Everything is just falling in place and I am excited to be sharing some of that excitement, gifting ideas, packaging tips and tricks and so much more on this page. .

You are all invited to my “Purpose driven life”. Welcome o to my page!

Please feel free to email me anytime at lillian@mbisafrican.com or find me on instagram @mbisafrican.

If you’re interested in partnerships or advertising, please email info@mbisafrican.com.

Thank you so much for reading.

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